Special Effects/ Buffs / Curses[edit | edit source]

1.Mark is a sweetheart. (Braclet of Wen Ruo)

  • Skill Effects priority to increase 5 points
  • the Special Effect effect triggering probability increase 5%,
  • skill cooldown time reduced 10% promoting,
  • weapon damage increases 3 points promoting.”

2. Repayment of Professor X (mind blessings effect)

  • Reduces the curse class ability damage.
  • Produces 25% exemption results to priority over 75 curse class damage, produces half exemption
  • results to the priority over 50 curse class abilities,
  • produces 75% exemption results to priority 25-50 curse class damage,
  • to the priority below 25 curse class damage complete immunises.
  • This effect can be used to study some special blessings kind of skills.
  • Mind blessings do not belong to the skill, you are unable to carry on promoting in any method.”

3. 100% faster energy recovery rate Of physic power / ability.

Psychic Power / Ability (100)[edit | edit source]

1. Activation

  • use activation abilities to repair all impaired mechanical products.

2. Communication.

  • can use Communication to link telepathically with any living being, can exchange feelings and memories. 

Skills[edit | edit source]

1.Potential skills (can be upgraded)

1. Investigation Technique /Appraisal (lv 2)

  • provide info of target which is appraised

2. Despicable Healing Art (lv 4)

  • Has a high effect when used to treat foreign and bleeding injuries, recovers 60 HP.  
  • Has medium effect against penetration, tearing, shock, or injuries inflicted by skills, recovers 36 HP.  
  • Has low effect against body failures (such as a broken arm), injuries, poison injuries, etc…, recovers 6 HP.  
  • Has no effect against unique effect damages. Cooldown: 60s.  

3. Arc Trajectory lv 3.(wanted movie bullet curve)

  • Can visually lock onto 3 targets, Visual Lock duration: 7s, Distance Limit: 300m.

4. Steal /Plundering

  • Before using this skill, the target's HP must be less than 15%.
  • When using on already-dead target, the success rate of this skill is doubled, but can only be used within three seconds after death.
  • This skill is limited to a 30% chance to succeed,
2. Normal skills (un-upgradable)

1.spirit method of attached on bullet

  • increases bullet to attack damage 10 points fixedly
  • most may attached 10 spirit, create 100 Addition Damage.
3. Skill obtained from weapons $ treasures

1.Sprint BootsSprint)

  • increases user traveling speed 100%, 
  • duration one minute

2. Jewel of Valor (Courage Blessing )

  • ten minutes, Will increases by 10 points,
  • increases special effect resistance.

3. Thunder Gauntlet (Skill: Thunder Strike)

  • it deals a damage equal to your own attack damage plus 45 points of additional damage.
  • 10% chance of stunning the target, Stun duration: 3s,
  • 10% critical effect, and double damage.

Innate Talent[edit | edit source]

1.Self awakening talent: Precise/ Delicacy

  • effectiveness in training Firearms Forte, Mechanic Forte and Driving Forte is increased.
  • memory capacity increases. - can form a three-dimensional image memory for 5 seconds;
  • ability to grasp details, enhances ability to use abilities in all aspects, makes distribution more rational, and makes learning more efficient,
  • Will permanently reduced by 5.

Cultivation Technique/ Practicinary Courses[edit | edit source]

1.Winged Dragon-Serpent Art

2. Divide Muscle Alter Bone Palm/ Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand

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